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The body is composed mainly of a chitinous shell or carapace with a small abdominal flap. They have five pairs of legs with the first pair equipped with pincers. Males of commercial size usually range from 7 to 11 years of age and vary in weight from 1 to 2 pounds for opilio and 2 to 4 pounds for bairdi crabs. The male crab is attracted by a chemical attractant pheromone released by the female. Females molt to sexual maturity and mate in the softshell condition while grasped by the male. Older hardshelled females are also mated by adult males, but in the absence of a male they are capable of producing an egg clutch with sperm stored from a previous mating. A female Tanner crab may deposit 85, to , eggs in a clutch.

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When you stop by the main stage, you can listen to storytellers share their stories that have been passed down for generations. Or, watch a performance where dancers of all ages wear ceremonial outfits—blinged out tunics with beads and red-and-black paint—and dance in time with drums made of animal hides. The setting is so small and intimate that visitors are sometimes even invited to join the dancers on stage.

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In Alaska Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Anchorage – Clark Middle School – This is an old school that is haunted by a woman in a white dress. She’ll play with instruments in the band room, appear in empty hallways in the summer, and turn classroom lights off. She’s not known to harm people, just to scare them.

Most of the teachers tell the students there is a female ghost that comes up through the floors. Anchorage – Courtyard by Marriot – Room – This room is haunted by a man who died there, and whose body was not found for several days, according to the staff. Also, there is a ghost by the name of Ken who wanders the parking lot and courtyard, in and around the gazebo.

There is also what appears to be a cat walking around the hotel. It’s very evident in rooms and Anchorage – Dimond Center – It is said that when the Dimond center was first built, the grounds under it were sacred burial grounds from thousands of years ago, dating back to when natives first roamed the lands. While digging up the grounds to build the mall, workers came across a few graves, but due the fact they were so old and small, they continued digging.

Now the ghosts roam the areas and usually appear in front of lone people in the bathrooms, and smaller hallways in the mall. Anchorage – Hanshew Middle School – Some say they have seen a young girl walking around the location of this school.

Kodiak, Alaska

Census as the unincorporated Inuit village of “Ootiwakh. Of those residents, were natives, 46 were White, 1 was Asian and 10 were other races. In , it reported again as “Cape Smythe Settlements. It formally incorporated in Homes built on pilings A typical home in Utqiagvik, Alaska As of the United States Census , there were 4, people residing in the city. The racial makeup of the city was

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Totem poles and houses at ‘Ksan , near Hazelton, British Columbia. Totem poles serve as important illustrations of family lineage and the cultural heritage of the Native peoples in the islands and coastal areas of North America’s Pacific Northwest, especially British Columbia, Canada, and coastal areas of Washington and southeastern Alaska in the United States.

Because of the region’s climate and the nature of the materials used to make the poles, few examples carved before remain. Totem poles are the largest, but not the only, objects that coastal Pacific Northwest natives use to depict spiritual reverence, family legends, sacred beings and culturally important animals, people, or historical events. The freestanding poles seen by the region’s first European explorers were likely preceded by a long history of decorative carving. Stylistic features of these poles were borrowed from earlier, smaller prototypes, or from the interior support posts of house beams.

Prior to the 19th century, the lack of efficient carving tools, along with sufficient wealth and leisure time to devote to the craft, delayed the development of elaborately carved, freestanding poles. The process was slow and laborious; axes were unknown. By the late eighteenth century, the use of metal cutting tools enabled more complex carvings and increased production of totem poles.

He argues that the Haida people of the islands of Haida Gwaii originated carving of the poles, and that the practice spread outward to the Tsimshian and Tlingit , and then down the coast to the indigenous people of British Columbia and northern Washington. Accounts from the s describe and illustrate carved poles and timber homes along the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Between and , the maritime fur trade , mining, and fisheries gave rise to an accumulation of wealth among the coastal peoples. This included the carving of totem poles.


By Lew Deitch Cruising Alaska available at Amazon Kindle When cruising the Alaska Panhandle, you will find that the major ports of call are becoming quite commercial with a plethora of gift shops and jewelry stores. The main streets of Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway are starting to resemble St. Of course all this commercialism does not detract from the breathtaking scenery, but it is altering the original Alaskan frontier flavor that once existed.

But the one Panhandle port that has not seen this development is Sitka.

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Denali, one of the top Alaska destinations, is part of the Alaska Range, and, with its highest peak at 20, feet, it is the highest mountain in North America. The upper part of the mountain is always covered with snow and glaciers, and the temperatures can reach minus 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In spite of the extreme cold, the mountain and the park are home to many animals, among them 39 species of mammals and species of birds.

In the summer, the slopes of the mountain are covered with some species of flowering plants. According to archeologists, Athabascan people have been living in the park area for thousands of years. Denali National Park is one of the most famous places to visit in Alaska and about , people come to visit the park every year.

Alaskan mountains

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This year the program will be held Oct. Those interested in appearing in the Salute to Youth are to reserve a slot with educator Karen Grussendorf at or Suggested participants are school band and choir ensembles, drill teams, baton twiriers, Native dancers and rope skippers. BBQ chicken, rice, broccoli, vegetable salad, fresh fruit and milk. A fourth youth will spend four years in prison for his part in the crime. The teen-age boys who lured Allen Boulch into the woods of Kincaid Park say they thought the plan to kill him was a joke, they told a Superior Court judge.

List of National Historic Landmarks in Alaska

Sitka was a thriving town, the seat of Alaskan government, building ships, making plows, picks, spades, etc. Some of he old buildings, now a hundred years old, still stand; the old trading post store house, a blockhouse, another large building at one-time headquarters for the Russian Alaska Fur Company, and now a hotel at which Lady Franklin stopped while searching for her husband; a half-made burr for grinding wheat imported from Siberia, and parts of a mill, are among the important Russian relics.

The first location of a fortified trading post by the Russians was on a flat purchased of the Indians about eight miles north of the present Sitka, and called Archangel Gabriel, which was robbed and burned and the occupants murdered or taken prisoners by the natives in 1 The unfortunate victims were tortured to death; not even the cattle escaped. The valuable furs were removed to their own canoes and the buildings burned.

Sitka has a marine west coast climate, but its rainfall total is higher than either Juneau or Ketchikan because of its direct exposure to the Gulf of Alaska where .

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SITKA (Alaska Historic Information)

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Alaska man takes plea deal for murdering his girlfriend last year

For some people, winter becomes a time for hibernation. During the winter, mountain bikers can ride on frozen rivers and lakes, and they can ride through frozen muskeg swamps. If they can ride over swamps, then winter bike commuting on snow-covered pavement also is a possibility. Tim last name withheld to protect the guilty , who writes the Bicycles and Icicles blog, saw an early screening of the film and wrote this review.

Alaskans have a long history of winter bicycling, dating back to when a couple of prospectors, Max Hirschfield and Ed Jesson , in separate journeys, used bikes to ride the frozen Yukon River during the dead of winter from Dawson City, Yukon Territory, to the gold rush fields in Nome. Over the years, there have been several adventure treks and races inspired by the journeys of Hirschfield and Jesson.

Alaska Dating Site, % Free Online Dating in Alaska. is where to find love, friends, flirt, date, chat, meet singles in Alaska. Search thousands of personals for friends, love or marriage.

I was a bit apprehensive knowing that Holland has a reputation for skewing older cruise guests especially to Alaska but figured that the O Magazine inaugural cruise to Alaska on Eurodam with Oprah appearance would mix it up a bit. I was interested to see how the new partnership with O Magazine and their wellness programs would translate to Holland America Eurodam.

Pier 91 is shared by a Princess ship as both cruise lines are owned by same parent corporation. When I arrived at the cruise terminal, I was surprised that both ships were boarding using one shared terminal but it worked well with staff and ropes to separate the ships check in procedure. I would walk straight toward the back of the terminal to surrender my checked bag to ship staff.

From there, I would need to stop to fill out the medical card did I have the flu? Expecting lines, I was surprised that there were zero lines at 1 p. I showed my documents to a staff member and boarding the escalator to the second floor where I expected the lines to snake around to the check in desks. There were no lines there either?! I was shocked based on past cruise line experiences and wondering if I was late. I checked my documents and the ship was not departing for a few more hours — you would have thought I was the last to board based on the empty terminal full of staff and few guests.

Empty lines at Pier 91?! The first sign that this was a special cruise was the stop at the t-shirt table to get my Oprah cruise t-shirt all passengers were welcome to one t-shirt and the photo with Oprah backdrop. From there I walked and used the escalator to get to the ship deck.

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