Battlefield 4 in the Uplay store, but not on steam

When I play BF4 on PC, I use the Battlelog server browser to only join games that are just starting and have roughly even ticket counts. Thus I don’t experience blowout games as often because I am able to select games that don’t have that property, at least when I start. It’s annoying and a huge regression in my opinion from Battlelog’s server browser in BF4. The lack of a browser for Operations also exacerbates the problem as it seems to funnel people into games that are in progress, which means that they are filling in for players who quit out of those games, which is more likely when one team is stomping the other. So the matchmaking system places people in rounds where they are most likely to find a one-sided match. I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall 2 lately, and in that game, there’s only matchmaking, but if you’re placed into a match in progress and on the losing team, the game will detect that and ensure that a loss in that match will not be recorded in your stats. Perhaps something similar could be implemented in BF1, though that wouldn’t make the experience any better for the players stuck in the situation.

Are People Still Playing Battlefield 4 Or Should You Steer Clear Of It?

Now the loyal subscribers are being disrespected. Call me whatever names you want, IDC but I think the customers deserve answers to their questions. And with the way this game is heading under King of bullshit Keith, it is getting harder and harder to defend. Even Darth Jiinx must be finding it tough to defend this constant stream of bullshit by them. You will find that most times, BW Austin, including that eternal fucktard Musco, answer questions where the person asking said question, lavishes praise on these fuckwits before answering their fluff question.

Mar 06,  · BF3, while the graphics card plays a huge difference in game 3 is more CPU dependent and the more cores the better, especially with higher-cache CPU’s. I have a Phenom T and running 2 XFX ‘s on stock : Resolved.

ON Nov 15, Everyone has a different opinion about which game is the best, due to the fact that every release seems wholly different from the last. Even the run of modern combat games spanning Bad Company 2 through Battlefield 4 offer completely different experiences. What got me hooked on the series when I started playing Bad Company 2 was the mixture of more realistic gunplay moments taking place in the context of these massive, vehicle-heavy battles.

Holing up in a house with my friends, shooting down at enemy infantry as they attempted to arm an MCOM station while a tank blasted a hole in the wall we were using as cover, I fell in love. Battlefield 4 came close, and Battlefield 1 provided a different kind of chaos. Those titles are probably better games, but nothing in the series has really topped Bad Company 2 as an experience. The foggy marshes and broken bridge of Twisted Steel and the bombed city streets of Devastation feel like they could be sets in Saving Private Ryan 2.

When you prop a bipoded MG34 in a window and start firing on enemies scurrying into cover, you feel like the star—or at least a supporting actor.

Battlefield 3

The game seemed more like an opened environment with many locations to camp. Although I’m more of a run-and-gunner BF3 seems more like a camper and strategists game, which really isn’t my style but is a welcomed change. I’d say it was more the opposite, although it does seem counter-intuitive. In BF3, the only campers you’ll really get are the snipers who sit at the back of the map trying to land sick shots from miles away.

Because the maps are so expansive, camping with anything less than a high powered rifle is pointless, you need to close the distance between you and your enemies a lot of the time.

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I am sick and tired of trying to just have a bit of fun in BF3 and not having the chance too just have a low pressure bit of fun.. Instead they look for the easy targets who are obviously newbies and quite simply “dont let them play”. Why the hell isn’t there some servers restricted by rank just for New Players to use or servers set up just for learning, or even a co-op level to learn the jet in?

These players that get into jets and helis and then sit at the spawning points destroying the vehicles, helis, jets. It is just ludicrous that there isn’t any servers reserved for new players only. I am sure that there are many thousands of players who just give up on battle field 3 and go play something else where they can at least spawn.

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Smaller maps, fewer vehicules, focus on gunfight in close quarters, skill gives places to the “first who spots the other” tactics. You’ve got it all here. Classes have been changed, in a bad way.

Slow movement & turn speed/long cooldown and reload times for weapons Long shield recharge time/very vulnerable when the shield is down Once you have .

Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 GameCentral readers debate the biggest issue facing video games today: Modern Warfare 3 batter than Battlefield 3? How do the single-player, co-op, and multiplayer options stack up in each game and which is most important to you? What have you been most impressed with in each sequel and what don’t you like? For such a contentious subject the responses we got in were remarkably reserved and well considered, with most people agreeing that Modern Warfare 3 had the best single-player and co-op.

Opinion was more split on multiplayer, although Battlefield 3 just edged it, compared to the more familiar thrills of its rival.

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Battlefield , Battlefield 1 , Rubberbanding in Battlefield 1 If you are here looking for a solution to Battlefield 1 rubberbanding then you are lucky to end up in the right place. Today, we will be taking a deep look on why people face rubberbanding issues in the game and how they can solve it. Battlefield 1 Rubberbanding Recently, with the release of Battlefield 1, it looks like the problem of Rubberbanding has affected the players of the game as well and many players have been reporting problems related to rubberbanding and other similar issues as well.

While there is no real solution available to the matter, especially because of the fact that the game is only in its beta stage right now, there are a few general fixes that you can try to help you with your problem.

If your game is lagging or slow on Xbox Live, these solutions will help identify or fix the problem. Find out about what solutions to try if you’re able to connect to Xbox Live, but are getting slow performance or lag when playing games on Xbox Live.

For that reason, this list runs the gamut from genre classics to those released in the last year. You can turn the pages of this feature using the arrows by the header image, or using the arrow keys of your keyboard. Of course, a good shooter is not just about the shooting. What lies beyond are primarily games of skill and reflex, but they are often as much about movement as about violence. And hey, sometimes you get a decent gimmick or story thrown into the mix.

Your favourite is at number Make us converts with your glowing praise. We first ran this list in mid , and this is our second revision. Aim for the head. New World Interactive Publisher: In the studio of New World Interactive, killcams and minimap radar never took off. Omnipresent voice communications was shunned.

Battlefield 4: How to change your NAT type to open / port forwarding

The basic concept of gaming The following may seem obvious, but this is unfortunately necessary to explain. Playing a board game with your kids is casual gaming. The purpose is only to have fun and socialize. Anything else comes second. If you think of yourself as a serious FPS gamer you must have this priority. Do something else if you don’t i.

Oct 11,  · Join Date Nov Location Cypress, TX Posts I’m guessing the beta is down. Smh.

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